Teen Advisory Board

We are currently accepting applications for the 2012-13 Teeb Advisory Board. Selected students will begin their term in late July or early August, 2011. However, student input regarding current FL SADD activities are always encouraged and welcomed. Please send your ideas and thoughts to FloridaSADD@gmail.com.

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There are nine (9) members of the TAB: a student representative from each of the eight regions and the FL SADD Student of the Year. These students represent the best of FL SADD and membership can lead to placement on the SADD National Student Leadership Council, as well as an important addition to their college resume.

The FL SADD Teen Advisory Board (TAB) was created in 1996 to assist the FL SADD State Coordinator in maintaining an open line of communication between the SADD chapters in Florida and the FL SADD office. In that role, they:

1). Establish and maintain communication links between chapters, students, TAB and the State Coordinator;

2). Continue to improve FL SADD;

3). Set and accomplish goals by serving as student advisors to the FL SADD Coordinator;

4). Represent the FL SADD Coordinator in their respective regions.

The FL SADD Student of the Year serves a limited one-year term; the eight regional representatives serve a one year term, however, they may apply for a second one-year term if they meet the guidelines. Students may not serve as the regional representative for more than two years and they must be currently enrolled in middle or high school.

The regional representatives are selected through an application and interview process, and the current Teen Advisory Board members serve as the selection committee. After a student serves on the TAB for one year, there is an evaluation process that is conducted by the State Coordinator and the other TAB members. Although a student may apply for a second term, there is no guarantee that the student will be awarded the position pending the evaluation process.

1). Be committed to the philosophy and mission of SADD.

2). Be an active member of a registered SADD chapter.

3). Make every effort to attend a Fall business meeting, Spring business meeting, Regional Meetings, State Conference, and the SADD National Conference. Pre-approved travel expenses for TAB members may be reimbursed pending availability of funds. FL SADD can not reimburse parent travel expenses. Travel expenses are paid upfront by student/parent and may be reimbursed after travel and completing a travel form. Note: the student/parent may be asked to pay some of these expenses pending any budget changes by the FL SADD office.

4). Attend monthly conference calls and/or business meetings as needed.

5). Keep informed of the SADD activities in their respective region.

6). Write newsletter articles and regional updates for the FL SADD newsletter and website.

7). Speak at schools in respective region.

8). Assist schools in respective region in establishing SADD chapters.

9). Promote SADD within respective region including statewide programs and activities.

10). Write and distribute a letter of introduction to the schools in your region. The TAB representative’s school must be willing to absorb printing and mailing costs.

11). Allow any photo taken of them at meetings, presentations, & conferences to be used in the FL SADD newsletter, on campaign materials such as posters and slicks, and on the FL SADD website. Allow email address to be posted on the FL SADD website and newsletters.

12). Assist the State Coordinator in preparing and implementing regional meetings and the State Conference.

To be eligible to apply for a TAB membership position, a student must:

1). Agree and commit to the responsibilities as outlined above.

2). Be willing to serve for a term of office that runs for one year and may be renewed for a second year.

3). Maintain an overall grade point average of a 2.5.

4). Submit a: Completed Application, Signed Contract for Life, Letter of Support from SADD Chapter Advisor and a photo of themselves to be used in newsletters, campaign materials or on SADD website.

In the spring of each year, or whenever a position needs filling, notification will be sent to registered FL SADD chapters. Incoming applications are processed as follows:

1). The completed application is sent to the FL SADD office and the state coordinator will verify that the application is complete.

2). A copy of each application will be sent to all TAB members.

3). An interview will be conducted in person when possible or via conference call with all members of the TAB. All applicants will be interviewed in the same manner.

4). The TAB will make their decisions, with the state coordinator having the final approval. A TAB member from the applicant’s region will not be allowed to vote on selection for that region if the applicant attends the same school as the representative.

5). Once the selection is made, all applicants will be notified as to whether they were selected or not.