Advisor of the Year

2012-2013 Advisor of the Year – Maureen Witkowski

Maureen Witkowski and her Royal Palm Beach High School SADD chapter created a brilliant NTID campaign (No Texting I’m Driving). She engaged the participation of a teacher at her school to write a rap song using her lyrics; then she filmed a video using her SADD students; finally she and her students created boxes that she got donated to her from Office Depot, and gave them out to the students at her school. She and her students attended the SADD National conference where they did a workshop on their project and gave out the boxes to attendees. Her NTID campaign got lots of local press, and resulted in her getting the 2012.13 Florida SADD Advisor, Chapter and Campaign of the year award! A hearty congratulation to Ms. Witkowski and her RPBHS SADD students for their excellence!

Check out these resources to learn more about Ms. Witkowski:

2010-2011 Advisor of the Year – Brenda Joyner

For over 25 years, Joyner has been a dedicated SADD advisor where she has organized monthly meetings, Red Ribbon Week activities, Mock Car Crash presentations, and many other events throughout the school year. She has worked in helping stage many events and spreading SADD’s “No Use” message.

Read more about Joyner in this press release.

For the past several years, Dougherty has been a dedicated SADD advisor where she has organized monthly meetings, Red Ribbon Week activities, and has obtained numerous opportunities for her students to attend educational field trips. She has worked in helping stage many events and spreading SADD’s “No Use” message. Last year McArthur High School in Hollywood, FL under her direction performed the Prom Promise event aimed toward the prevention of drinking while driving during prom. The event includes a mock automobile crash during a prom night, where in the mock crash, several students were severely hurt and one died. Thanks to Ms. Dougherty for all her years of dedicated service to our students.


2008-2009 Advisor of the Year – Boni Raitt

For over five years, Raitt has been a dedicated SADD advisor where she has organized monthly meetings, silent auctions to raise money, Red Ribbon Week activities, door decorating contest, and has obtained numerous motivational speakers and community leaders to come and speak with her students. She has worked in helping stage numerous events and spreading SADD’s “No Use” message. For the past several years Lee Middle School under her direction has won the FLORIDA SADD Great Safe Holiday Break Campaign Contest and was awarded this past year the Red Ribbon Certified School Award.


2007-2008 Advisor of the Year- Sherry Viersen

Mrs. Viersen in the past sixteen years has taught Life Management Skills classes at University High School and has been the SADD advisor for many years. She has helped guide her student’s SADD chapter to promote making positive, healthy choices through many programs and activities that include Red Ribbon Week, Ghost-Out, The Great American Smoke Out, and World Aids Day just to name a few. This past year to celebrate the SADD 25th Anniversary, their SADD chapter put together a special event and an official proclamation was given from the Orange County Governor. Students created a video memorial of a student who lost their life in October at an incident at school and lit candles while making an oath to make good decisions. Mrs. Viersen was also selected as the 2007-2008 SADD National Advisor of the Year and was presented with an award at the 2007 SADD National Conference in New Orleans, LA.


2006-2007 Advisor of the Year- Beckie Selph

Beckie Selph of Sebastian River High School in Sebastian, FL is a social worker with the Indian River County Health Department in school health. She provides counseling and social work at Sebastian River High School and Sebastian River Middle School. She is a certified crisis debriefing and grief counseling. She is on the Board of Directors for the Indian River County Substance Abuse Counsel, serves on the County School Health Advisory Counsel, a member of MADD and past Vice-Chair for Florida MADD, and has been a SADD advisor at Sebastian River High School for the past 10 years.

Her work is actually a mission for her since she lost her son due to an alcohol-related car crash many years ago. Her philosophy is that “Right now is the most important time of your life. We have no promise of tomorrow so make every decision and every action that you do right now count.”

Thank you Mrs. Selph for your commitment and dedication to SADD!


2004 -2005 Advisor of the Year – Lynn Gray

Lynn Gray of Jesuit High School in Tampa, Florida has been a dedicated instructor in public and private schools for 22 years. She enthusiastically educates students about making positive decisions and creates a sense of accomplishment and pride for Jesuit SADD chapter members. Her goal for the 2004-2005 school year is to motivate SADD members to become more involved in community service as it relates to the expectations set forth by SADD. Thank you Ms. Gray for your commitment and dedication to SADD!